2017年2月 オランダのShimmering Moods Recordsからのコンピレーションアルバム "MEDITATIONS 3”に"Yamaoka" そして "Purl & Yamaoka" (Ludvig Cimbreliusとの共作)

Shimmering Moods is back with a new collection of intimate, soothing and semi-experimental ambient tracks provided here as a compilation built on unreleased sound materials offered by regular artists / projects of the label. However this compilation gives the occasion to introduce to the listener a couple of external projects such as Sonornote or Laura Beatriz Rosenkranz.

Musically and stylistically we are immersed in a relatively diversified palette of ambient music, from abstract post-techno minimalism to cold sonic meditations and flowing retro-ish synth odysseys. The general ambience is still devoted to enveloping and sculpted sound textures, continuously flowing. Some looped-droning parts remind me the classical hypnotic electro work of Wolfgang Voidt in Gas while some others have an almost post-Gottsching / Ashra electronic minimal flavor. A few names are totally unknown for me so I discovered with a certain pleasure Purl & Yamaoka who delivers here a quite representative piece for the album, with discreet electro moves and minimal beats. The most acoustic, adventurous and pastoral dream ambient touch of the label is not present here, this despite the rustic dimension of the photograph used for the front cover.

In brief, Meditations 3 is a fine collection of modern, discreetly pulsating and cerebral ambient sketches...from igloo magazine

Meditations 3.jpg Meditations 3-2.jpg

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