2016年11月 Indigo Aera(Netherlands)の12"コンピレーションアルバム
"Lost Archives Special" がリリースされました。
本作はアナログ盤5枚組。YAMAOKAはDisc 1–The Rhythmに参加しております。

indigo aera YAMAOKA.jpg

A celebration of 5 years of Indigo Aera.
Over the course of the past five years, Amsterdam based label Indigo Aera has evolved in to one of the most trustworthy and respected contemporary Detroit techno labels around.
Apart from new music that’s mostly analog based and highly energetic, head honchos Maarten Mittendorff en Jasper Wolff decent to the vaults of early day, soul-searching techno regularly, digging up forgotten gems to re-issue them with modern quality standards. Esteemed artists like Stephen Brown, Skudge, Steve Rachmad, Antigone, Louis Haiman and Kirk DeGiorgio all contributed to Indigo Aera, and there’s more to come.
In October 2016,

Indigo Aera embarks on their biggest release to date: a limited edition 5 LP box-set. The Lost Archives Special consists of unreleased tracks from absolute legends, to music that has never been released in a physical form before, to fresh compositions of techno’s most talented contemporary artists.
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