2015年6月 SACRED PHRASESからリリースされたコンピレーションアルバム

2015.june Inscriptions, Vol. 3.jpg

inscriptions, Vol. 3 continues Sacred Phrases’ compilation series by pushing the sonic boundaries the label has come to embrace, calling on a few close friends and welcoming a few newcomers to the fold. Old and recent friends (Buchikamashi, Dry Valleys, Geunter Schleinz, LXV, Kyle Landstra, Ekin Fil, Kara-Lis Coverdale, Samantha Glass, and many more) team up with new acquaintances (Son Chainogo Dereva, Demonstration Synthesis, and Karl Fousek) to max-out this set of glossed minimalism, harrowing drone, noirish ambient-folk, refined lo-fi, wide-eyed psychedelic, and flourished modern classical. More than a simple foray into a dreamy aural soiree, Inscriptions, Vol. 3 highlights the most genuinely endearing and challenging artists producing music today. All sounds are exclusive to this compilation. released 23 June 2015
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